Hola, I'm Kenneth

A Danish open web advocate, toolsmith, community builder and keynote speaker.

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Joining Stripe

About two months ago I announced that I was leaving Microsoft after a good stint of almost 4 years working on a range of developer tools such as Edge DevTools and Visual Studio Code together with some amazing people.

It’s been a fun adventure where I pivoted to product from engineering and a journey that took me to Pacific Northwest with stops in Vancouver, Canada and Seattle, WA.

Today I’m excited to announce that I’m joining Stripe to build the next generation of developer experiences for the economic infrastructure of the internet. 🌍💰🛠

Let me tell you why.

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Introducing RemoteDebug Compatibility Tables for remote debugging protocols and APIs

To continue the RemoteDebug effort on unifying today’s remote debugging protocols and API’s for browsers and related runtimes, I spend some time comparing the API’s exposed over remote debugging protocols.

Today I’m happy to introduce the RemoteDebug Compatibility Tables, which for the first time provides a full overview the API’s exposed by browsers and runtimes supporting the Chrome Debugging Protocol either natively or via protocol adapter.

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Recent projects

  • Volkswagen

    Node.js module to defeat unit tests. Viral open source joke on the Volkswagen emission scandal of 2015.


    Initiative to unify the danish startup scene by creating an umbrella organization that's run and founded by the danish startups.

  • ColdFront Conference

    The first dedicated front-end conference in Copenhagen. First conference took place in 2014 with 300 participants.

  • GoToMeeting Free (Hutt)

    Next generation of the video conference system GoToMeeting, built from the ground up by building a startup inside Citrix.

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