Kenneth Auchenberg

Passion for the web platform.

Stepping down as CopenhagenJS organizer

Back in December I decided to quit my job take a leap into unexplored territories. I ended up packing a backpack to travel Asia, which has been an amazing experience, but it also meant that I haven’t been able to help organizing CopenhagenJS, as I simply haven’t been around.

Now I’m back in Copenhagen, and been putting a bit of thought into how I should be spending my time going forward, and I reached the conclusion that it’s time to step down as CopenhagenJS organizer and pass the baton on.

Safari isn’t the problem, but the lack of browser choice in iOS is.

Recently there has a been a lot of debate wether Safari is the new IE, or Apple simply is building a user-centric web, but I think that removes focus from the real problem.

The problem isn’t Safari. It’s a somewhat modern browser that in the eyes of some might lack some important features, but overall is still pretty good and modern.

Concurrent editing and real-time visual comparison in Chrome DevTools with RemoteDebug Gateway

I’d like to introduce a new project of mine. It’s called RemoteDebug Gateway, and instead of writing long blog post I’ve done something new. I’ve made this little screencast explaining the project.

There’s many aspects of RemoteDebug Gateway I super find important, which I could write many posts about, but the most important one is, that RemoteDebug Gateway is an example of the kind of tools we can start building when we have a common API to our browsers. That’s what RemoteDebug is about, so if you like the perspectives in tools like this, please help spread the word :)

Check out the project on GitHub, and as always any kind of feedback is highly appreciated!


The fundamental problem with vorlon.js and similar remote debugging solutions.

This post is a follow-up discussion of brief Twitter thread between @deltakosh, @meulta, @pierlag and @davrous where I asked into the reasoning behind building Vorlon.js.

Preface: This is quite an opinionated post, and everything here is said without have had a chat with the team, and is purely based upon the observations I’ve made since the announcement and by following the project. I might be completely wrong in my criticism.

Use Chrome DevTools to debug your user’s browser remotely with BrowserRemote.

As a part of my talk about the future of DevTools and my RemoteDebug initiative at JSCamp in Romania, I build a little prototype I’d like to introduce. It’s called BrowserRemote.

Preface: My intention with BrowserRemote is to show-case the powerfullness of exposing remote debugging, in a secure manner, to application developers via an injected API, and to show that remote debugging can be valuable for end-users too.