Kenneth Auchenberg


Hej there, I'm Kenneth.

I'm a product leader, angel investor, strategic advisor focused on developer tools based in NYC.

Before that I worked at Stripe, building developer experience infrastructure and ecosystems.

I originally moved to the US to work on developer tools at Microsoft, where I worked on Visual Studio Code and browser DevTools.

I'm born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I co-founded the ColdFront conference, and was a part of the Danish startups, Podio and ZYB, who both got acquired with the Podio going to Citrix, and ZYB going to Vodafone.

I'm a Global Shaper for Word Economic Forum, serve on multiple advisory boards and a frequent public speaker who travels the world

I love helping people and am always up for a ☕️, so shoot me an email at or ping me at Twitter @auchenberg if you wanna chat.