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Passion for the web platform.

RemoteDebug and cross-browser DevTools. One year later.

This post has been on my mind for a while now. I’ve kept pushing it, but now is the time to do a status of my RemoteDebug initiative, that I launched a little more than a year ago.

I announced RemoteDebug as a separate initiative, with the hope of one or more of the established vendors would join, and help drive the initiative forward.

That didn’t happen.

60 items. For the next many months in Asia.

It’s now 24 hours ago I arrived here in hot Bangkok with just 60 items with me. For the next coming months I’ll be traveling asia, in a somewhat unplanned manner. It’s the first time I’m traveling longer than a month, and the first time I’m on my own.


Traveling like this has been on my mind for a while, and after reading this What I learnt from bootstrapping my startup from Thailand in six months post by, on how to be traveling as a “digital nomade”, I made the decision that it soon was going to be my turn.

So here I am. In Bangkok, with my laptop, camera and 58 other items.

I’m ready to meet new people, explore Asia, and have a great time.

Taking Chrome DevTools outside of the browser.

For a while I’ve been wondering how much work it would be to take Chrome DevTools out of the browser, and into its own app - independent of Chrome.

So about a month ago, where I had a quiet evening in the airport I pulled Chrome DevTools from the git repo, and wrapped the app with node-webkit. A few hours later, after figuring out how node-webkit worked, I had a functional prototype of DevTools as a standalone app.

Leaving Citrix, time for a break.

The past four years have been an amazing rollercoaster ride. I’ve grown, and experienced so many things as a part of the amazing journey of taking little unknown Hoist from Vesterbro, into the heart of one of the biggest IT companies in Silicon Valley.

Introducing ColdFront Conference

The past few years I’ve been traveling to Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Brighton, London, New York and San Francisco to attend awesome conferences and to be a part of our global front-end community, but I always wanted to bring a part of that community back to Copenhagen.

In Copenhagen we have a vibrant community of developers, designers and creatives. We are doing fantastic things for the web, in our agencies and iin the startupscene, which is booming. There’s no reason why we should travel to other great cities to get inspired, instead we should come together, as a community - right here in Copenhagen.

A few years ago I started CopenhagenJS, our local JavaScript community, which has been growing over the years and slowly gained more traction among people.

Now is the time to take CopenhagenJS a step further, which is way I’m happy to introduce a new single day conference focused around what it takes to build great front-end for the web.