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  • Visual Studio Code

    Cross platform open source code editor

  • Edge DevTools

    Browser DevTools for Microsoft Edge

  • Volkswagen

    Node.js module to defeat unit tests. Viral open source joke on the Volkswagen emission scandal of 2015.


    Initiative to unify the danish startup scene by creating an umbrella organization that's run and founded by the danish startups.

  • ColdFront Conference

    The first dedicated front-end conference in Copenhagen. First conference took place in 2014 with 300 participants.

  • GoToMeeting Free (Hutt)

    Next generation of the video conference system GoToMeeting, built from the ground up by building a startup inside Citrix.

  • Prototype

    Non-profit co-working space in a former coffee shop in Copenhagen for frackers, designers, troublemakers and other disrupters.

  • RemoteDebug

    Intiative to unitfy browser remote debugging to enable better cross-browser DevTools and integration between browsers and editors.

  • CopenhagenJS

    Community for Javascript developers in the Copenhagen and area. Reached 1.000+ members at it's peak with monthly meetups and events.

  • Podio

    Social collaboration platform that merged the social network with the spreadsheet, by enabling everyone to build their own apps. Acquired by Citrix.

  • ZYB

    Social network and phone backup service for feature phones prior to Facebook and iPhone. Acquired by Vodafone.