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Slides from my HTML5 & browser extensions presentation at ProData Consult

February 2011

Thursday last week (27th january 2010) I hosted a "evening-event" at ProData Consult for their consultants, where I spoke about HTML5 & Browser extensions. My HTML5 talk was a short recap of the recent changes in the specification, the W3C logo, and a showcase of the semantic changes, new tags and attributes and the HTML5-related JavaScript API's.

The presentation was a bit of an experiment, because I was the first time I coded my presentation in HTML, JavaScript and CSS instead of using the regular tools such as PowerPoint or Keynote.

To "code" my presentation I used a small sinatra-based ruby app called ShowOff, which is using markdown for its templating.

The advantage of coding my slides is really obvious in my presentation where I show how the new form controls is being rendered, how HTML5 validation works, theres even an embedded google maps, canvas demo, pushHistory etc.

Normally I embed the presentation into the blog-post, using an embedded SlideShare presentation that is using flash, which allows resizing. But because I this time hardcoded the layout in HTML/CSS, then I'm not able to embed a resized version of my slides.

To see my slides (which is hosted on Heroku), just click the thumbnail below: