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Slides and code from my ANUG jQuery CodeCamp at Vertica

October 2010

This saturday I hosted a jQuery CodeCamp at Vertica in Århus, Denmark.  The code camp was arranged by ANUG, a local .NET user group in Århus, which is one of the most active .NET user groups in Denmark. It was really awesome to see that many people meetup on a saturday to do some jQuery hacking!

My intention with the CodeCamp was to give a brief introduction to jQuery, and do a presentation about all the things you can't read about in the documentation. But since this was a CodeCamp I also had a mission for the attendees.

The mission was that all the attendees, by the end of the CodeCamp should had been building they own chat client, which connected to a chat-server I had build using socket.io and node.js.

I knew from the very beginning that the mission was quite ambious for a crowd that wasn't used to do jQuery/JavaScript stuff, but we succeded! All the attendees managed to build a chat-client that connected to the server, and one even managed to implement a google-maps mashup that showed the location of each connected user!

Here's the slides from the CodeCamp:

The source code for the chat-server can be found right here: http://github.com/auchenberg/jquery-codecamp