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July 2010

About a month ago I <a href="http://twitter.com/auchenberg/status/16205847885">tweeted</a> that I had made a LIFECHANGING DICISION.  I had accepted a position at <a href="http://hoisthq.com/">Hoist</a>, a startup located in Copenhagen.


<blockquote><em>Hoist is an online organisation and collaboration application for professionals and organisations. It’s the Facebook equivalent for the workplace, and it has enough functionality to compete with the best guys out there in the current market with its out of the box tools. But not only that, it has an in-built platform to simply create your own online ‘apps’ that cater to your individual business needs.</em>

<em>Hoist recently won the MIT Global Best Startup award, and if you spend a few minutes playing around with it it’s quite easy to see why. At the moment it’s only for cool kids via invites, but very soon you are going to hear a lot more about Hoist.</em></blockquote> At Hoist most of my time is going to be spent on web development, with a focus on HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, but I'm also going to have a look at the user experience around the web-product. It's going to be damn exiting.

I'm looking forward to be a part of a new (quite impressive) team, with a vision that's mind-blowing. I'm ready! Hoist-me-up!

<strong>Update: </strong>As my fellow colleague Morten Just <a href="http://twitter.com/mortenjust/status/18914019216">kindly pointed out</a> at Twitter today, the italic paragraphs is kindly borrowed from my upcoming colleague <a href="http://www.chopeh.com/blog/chopeh-to-copenhagen/">Pete Lacey's blog post</a> about his join to Hoist.