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Joining Stripe

August 2019

About two months ago I announced that I was leaving Microsoft after a good stint of almost 4 years working on a range of developer tools such as Edge DevTools and Visual Studio Code together with some amazing people.

It's been a fun adventure where I pivoted to product from engineering and a journey that took me to Pacific Northwest with stops in Vancouver, Canada and Seattle, WA.

Today I'm excited to announce that I'm joining Stripe to build the next generation of developer experiences for the economic infrastructure of the internet. 🌍💰🛠

Let me tell you why.

Building Global Economic Infrastructure for the next generation of companies

I've always said that I don't "take jobs", but I join missions, and when I started talking to some of the amazing people at Stripe, it became clear that our perspectives on developer tools and developer experiences were more than just "aligned" - Our missions matched!

I've always thought of Stripe as that "online payments company", but the more I heard about their platform, the more their pitch of building economic infrastructure for the next generation of companies (and developers) started to resonate.

Having been an entrepreneur myself with ColdFront, and been a part of several startups scaling from basement to offices around the world, I know how challenging is to build a business for a global connected world.

That's why I'm beyond excited to be joining the mission of building global economic infrastructure for the internet, surrounded by some truely amazingly talented people, at a company that's always been pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Opportunity to rethink the boundaries of business and to provide new abstractions for developers

When I think of Stripe, I think of a platform for economic opportunity, built by long-term thinkers to provide an abstraction, on top of a somewhat legacy financial system, and that abstraction layer is an intriguing proposition.

It's an opportunity to rethink the boundaries of business and to provide new platform primitives to developers that will enable them to build the next generation of companies.

In the past years I have mainly been focused on building platform primitives for software engineering through somewhat low-level primitives in DevTools Protocols in W3C, JavaScript debuggers and editors like Visual Studio Code, but lately I've been spending quite some time studying the wave of Software 2.0 fueled by the commoditization of ML and AI.

I am confident Software 2.0 and the raise of low-code/no-code are indicators of an imminent paradigm shift that requires us to rethink the way we think and write software.

When looking at Stripe as a platform, I'm excited for the opportunities ahead, and the potential in the new abstractions we can provide this and the many generations (of developers) to come.

At Stripe I will be joining our relatively small Developer Relations team (which we are scaling). I'll be based in Seattle, but often in San Francisco, and will be spending my time working across product teams obsessing about our tooling and developer experience.

And yes, we are expanding our presence here in Seattle, so take a look at our careers page, and feel free to ping me if you wanna know more.