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Introducing ColdFront Conference

April 2014

The past few years I’ve been traveling to Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Brighton, London, New York and San Francisco to attend awesome conferences and to be a part of our global front-end community, but I always wanted to bring a part of that community back to Copenhagen.

In Copenhagen we have a vibrant community of developers, designers and creatives. We are doing fantastic things for the web, in our agencies and iin the startupscene, which is booming. There's no reason why we should travel to other great cities to get inspired, instead we should come together, as a community - right here in Copenhagen.

A few years ago I started CopenhagenJS, our local JavaScript community, which has been growing over the years and slowly gained more traction among people.

Now is the time to take CopenhagenJS a step further, which is way I'm happy to introduce a new single day conference focused around what it takes to build great front-end for the web.


ColdFront Conference

ColdFront Conference is new front-end conference in Copenhagen, and is going to take place 4th September 2014 in a cool venue in the very center of Copenhagen.

When we look at the history, a lot of great web technology has been researched and developed in Denmark, like Google's V8 engine and Ruby On Rails, but ironically we haven't talked much about these projects on danish soil.

Some of the reason is that the majoriy of our established conferences are themed around general software development and have a rather "enterprisy" focus on established technologies like Microsoft .NET and Java.

ColdFront isn't going to be like that.

ColdFront is a curated conferenced, with hand-picked speakers, and I'm going to put emphasis on the single-track format, as I feel it's the best way to great the best conference experience.

Our aim is to create a conference with a community feeling, full of great like-minded people that loves crafting for the web.

This means ColdFront won't be ridiculously expensive as many other conferences has become over the years, and more importantly it won't be a massive event, with too many people (I'm looking at you Google IO), where you really can't meet and network with like-minded peeps.

Let's face it, networking and having a great time is probably one of the main reasons why we are going to conferences these days, so with ColdFront we are going to be focusing on quality sessions, networking, and of course having a great time.

Who's behind?

Running a conference is a lot of work, so I've joined forces with a good friend of mine, and experienced conference organizer, Daniel Frost, who has been running several events from his time at Microsoft, and more recently his own conference, TheWCDC.

If you are interested in sponsoring ColdFront, then feel free to give me a ping at kenneth@auchenberg.dk

What's next?

We already signed 5 speakers for the conference, but we are quite busy settling on the final details, so until then sign-up on our website and you will be notified as soon we are ready to announce more speakers and sell tickets.

There's a ColdFront on it's way to Copenhagen!