We do our own stunts talk at LBI Denmark

LBi Denmark asked me to stop by their internal event called “We do our own stunts”, to talk a bit about Podio.

In the context of doing stunts I thought the evolution of the Podio front-end stack would be a great fit. At Podio we have been through a big technical transition. We migrated our technical foundation, the whole frontend stack from PHP to Ruby, while we continued to itirate and release new features in our product.

Podio’s air-bourne stunt.

This was a bold decision and atypical for a startup in the early stage, something rarely see. We didn’t have 6 months to set aside for refactoring. Instead we choose to tacle this from a different perspective: This was the perfect opportunity to review all the features in the product. With this opportunity in our hands, the flow as actually straight forward. Everytime we added or improved a feature, we implemented it in the new code-base, and made the transition completely transparant to our users.

Our goals with this project was to ensure a solid techinical platform that would enable us to keep our team productive, while growing, nad to ensure a foundation to deliver the best experience to our users.

This was the “Podio air-bourne stunt”. One hell of a trans-atlantic flight.

Read more about the project in the slides, Podio Frontend Stack Evolution