Diving into photography.

Lately I’ve been quite hooked on getting a DSLR, because I wanted to explore the world of photography from another angle than just looking at beautiful pictures.

To begin with I started looking at high-end camera’s (top-model or no-model mentality), but after a lot of research I ended up buying a Canon 550d, which is also known as T2I or KISS X4.

It’s very similar to Canon 60D and Canon 7D, but the main difference is the physical body, which is in plastic and is lacking some quite nifty navigation buttons compared to 7D/60D.

So why did I buy the 550d?

Of couse, if I had unlimited resoruces I would had bough the Canon 7D, simply because it’s “just nicer”, but I came to the conclusion, that this is my first DSLR, and therefore I could live with the lack of weather sealed body, and the nifty navigation buttons, simply because I first need to learn the very basics of photography.

So I decided to go for the Canon 550d body, but which lens should I buy? Should I go for the kit?

After some more research in various places I came to the conclusion that my first lens should be a prime in about 50mm. But since my 550d has a smaller APS-C sensor, it also has a crop-factor of 1.6, which means a 50mm lens would become 85mm on the 550d.

Therefore I ended up buying a Canon EF 28mm 1/8 USM lens, which is going to be equal 45mm on the 550d, got 1/8 aperture, and is using the EF-mount, which means I also can be used on the Canon pro-cameras (if I should end there some day).

The lens was a bit expensive 450$, but got some pretty good reviews, and the sample photos I found in the 28mm group in Flickr is simply stunning.

In addition to the 550d and 28mm lens, I also bought a filter, lens hood and a battery grip, so totally I ended up with

  • Canon 550D body
  • Canon EF 28mm 1/8 USM lens
  • Canon Lens Hood EW-63 II
  • Phottix Battery Grip for 550d
  • Hoya 58mm Pro-1D UV Filter

I’m still waiting for the lens, battery grip and filter to arrive, so hopefully when all the parts has arrived I’m going to be thrilled about photography ;)